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Local Heroes is about a powerless sidekick who struggles to keep up with his super-powered mentors.

A Hurm Studio comic

Jul 20
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Who is Microbot?

This About, Characters entry posted at 10:47 PM on January 12, 2006

Not much is yet known about Microbot, save that he is a pint-sized villain from the future of a parallel dimension. Squire first encountered this mischievous malefactor within hours of joining UNIONS. Along with Local Chapter 37, Squire tracked down Microbot in his secret headquarters in search for the UNIONS Summit DVD-ROM.

Microbot's known powers include incredible technical know-how, being able to project powerful bolts of electricity, and being very, very short.

Microbot first appeared in Local Heroes strip #36 (within Storyline 1 — “Enter: Squire!”).

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